Managed masternode

  • Saturday, 21st December, 2019
  • 01:37am


Take it easy, enjoy the reward and get free of maintenance.
Take a managed Pirl masternode VPS, you don't have access to the server as everything is handled by us. In exchange for the services being fully managed and the risk reduction on the offered VPS hosting, we will provide guaranteed payment at the daily rate, of the type of master node you are running per day, payable in PIRL. For example, if the daily rate on a premium node is 25 PIRL per day, you shall be paid 25 PIRL per day per master node, even if our services become UN-available for any reason outside of suspension of services. This daily rate is posted on the Poseidon website daily. Calculated by a number of blocks in the period, multiplied by the master node rewards, divided by the total number of master nodes of that type per period
additionally, due to the dynamic nature of the smart contract which the master node participates in if there are contract changes ( on your side, for example, the address migration of the stake ) and/or token of the master node changes, you will notify the pirl staff promptly (24 hours) to update the VPS with the new token. 
Available for Pirl master node only.
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